Madeira Carnival 2017, photos of the Carnival parade on Saturday

The magic of the Carnival went to Funchal on Saturday with various groups and hundreds of dancers that transmit the fun and excitement to everyone in Funchal, so characteristic of this event.

The Madeira carnival 2017 was a success with the various groups showing to tourists and locals the result of months of preparation from the creativity of the costumes and also the explosion of colors that captivated thousands of people who made a point of attending another edition of the Madeira Carnival.

In this Madeira Carnival several groups with the following themes:

“O Universo dos Reinos”, by João Nunes Atanázio;

“A Terra abriu um sorriso”, by Associação Fura Samba;

“Vamos sonhar o sonho de um sonhador”, by Associação de Animação Geringonça;

“Fantasias de Carnaval”, by Escola de Samba Caneca Furada;

“Uma realidade fantástica”, byCariocas – Associação Cultural e Recreativa Escola de Samba;

“Fantasia Tropical”, by João Egídio Andrade Rodrigues;

“Stardust”, by Associação ANIMAD;

“História com Histórias”, by Associação Cultural Império da Ilha;

“Sonho, Amor e Fantasia”, by Tramas e Enredos – Associação;

Photos by Foto Canhas, Lda

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