Pico Ruivo in Madeira Island, 1862 meters of altitude

It is one of the wonderful places not to be missed on the Madeira Island. It is the highest peak on the island of which is 1862 meters above sea level. It is not accessible by means of transport and the only way to get there is on foot, and for this purpose we show you 3 options:

  • From the Achada do Teixeira in Santana and this takes about 50 minutes and is the fastest.
  • From peak Areeiro which has magnificent landscapes but is more intense takes about 4 hours and we always recommend that you  make sure the route is able or it will be accompanied by experienced guides which is the more advisable.
  • From the Curral das Freiras but because of the steep ascents are advised to people with physical capacity above average.

Sunrise / Sunset

The fact that we are isolated from “civilization” allows us to contemplate more deeply these two times of the day. The first rays of sun begin to step it up early with strong blue and bright yellow. At the end of the day for sunsets let us slowly and let us relax with the show of colors in the infinite. When the clouds appear below us make us levitate like a cotton cover.

It is a unique opportunity and in this video we capture some of these moments we hope to awaken  you the desire to experience and visit our Island!

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