Flower Festival Madeira 2017

This week marks the beginning of the Flower Festival celebrations. It’s one of the biggest tourist attractions in Madeira. From the 4th to 21st of May, this event will honor spring and all the flowers that we have in the region and that are so renowned worldwide.

One of the most anticipated and appreciated moments of the Flower Festival is the Allegoric Flower Parade. Since 1979 that this parade takes place in Funchal and since then it’s a very special moment for all its participants and for those who attend. So on Sunday, 7th, the streets of Funchal are decorated with allegoric cars and hundreds of people dressed up with floral clothes and with music through all the parade.

The Flower Festival lasts for several days and it’s an excellent time to visit and get to know Funchal. From the Children Parade, the composition of the “Wall of Hope”, the Flower Market, to the several workshops (Madeira Embroidery, wicker, flower carpets and flower arranging), it is possible to celebrate this Festival in many ways.

Walking along Avenida Arriaga, is mandatory, since you can find flower carpets and many floral decorations, as well musical animations and traditional drinks.

The Flower Festival also includes in its festivities the “Madeira Auto Parade”, an exhibition of classic cars and motorcycles, with a national Restoration and Elegance contest, at Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, in the 14th.

Until May 21st you can dazzle Funchal with even more color and animation.

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